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About Us

Little Buffalo Coffee was started by our travel-loving adventure-seeking founder and head roaster, Drew Smith. While living and exploring Central and South America, coffee became a way for him to connect to the cultures and communities that surrounded him. After spending time in coffee growing regions he began to understand the complex and labor intensive production process and decided he wanted to do something more to give back to the communities that support this industry. Combining his passion for coffee and desire to give back, Little Buffalo Coffee was born.

Little Buffalo Coffee specializes in sourcing unique, single-origin, fruit forward, and bright coffees. We specifically work with farmers who strive for perfection in every lot they cultivate to bring you the highest quality coffee possible.

We fundamentally believe that every farmer and farm worker should be paid a fair living wage, which is why we are dedicated to paying a premium to every farm we work with. We have also decided to only work with coffee importers who support various local community initiatives that further economic, social, and sustainable development.

Our goal is to bring the stories of these farmers and introduce you to the communities they live in through each cup of coffee we roast. We believe that coffee can connect you to the people, the land, and the cultures of this world and we invite you to be part of our journey!