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Eulogio Martinez - Honduras

Eulogio Martinez - Honduras

Eulogio Martinez - Honduras



A number of years ago Eulogio Martinez needed seeds. As is typical in Honduras, he went to a local government store, of sorts, to obtain seeds of the Pacas variety. Pacas is a naturally occurring mutation of the famous Bourbon variety. Further, Pacas is fairly ubiquitous in Santa Barbara amongst those producers who are intentionally producing specialty coffee. Strictly speaking from a genetics perspective, Pacas has the potential and ability to produce incredibly high scoring coffees. Back to Eulogio...the store was out of Pacas seeds and as such Eulogio was handed a bag of seeds of unknown origin. Judging by the slightly larger than usual size of the seed, he was told that it was most likely a variety called Pacamara. Upon returning to his farm in Las Flores, Santa Barbara, he cultivated the dubious variety. Fast forward to the first harvest and it was clear this was no Pacamara, but actually a hybrid called Parainema. This rare and unique hybrid created one of the brightest and sweetest coffees we've had to date. Along with an unmistakable citrus undertone this coffee bursts of sparkling mandarin orange, delicate florals, and ends off with a crystal clear, sweet finish. In wow'd us immediately! 

Roast Profile: Light Roast

Producer: Eulogio Martinez

Region: Santa Barbara, Honduras

Variety: 100% Parainema

Elevation: 1400 - 2000 masl

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Sparkling Mandarin Orange, Complex Florals, Clean, Sweet