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Haraz Collective Peaberry - Yemen **Limited Edition**

Haraz Collective Peaberry - Yemen **Limited Edition**

Haraz Collective Peaberry - Yemen **Limited Edition**


Today we're releasing one of the rarest coffees we've come across this year!  This extremely limited edition peaberry natural comes by way of the celebrated coffee producing region of Haraz in Yemen. Haraz is known for its beautiful landscapes, extraordinary altitudes, and distinct culture maintained through ancient growing traditions. The region sits outside Sana'a within the Sarat mountain range, which runs parallel to the eastern coast of the Red Sea and is home to the critically endangered Arabian Leopard. Despite the tough terrain, many buildings built by the Sulajhid dynasty of the 11th century still stand today and descendants are still producing world class coffees - despite the horrific long running civil war. 

This specific lot is grown at some of the highest altitudes in the region, which results in slower maturation and development, leading to the most complex flavor profile with fruity and floral notes, a smooth velvety body, and distinct Yemeni sweetness.

The production of Haraz coffee is a labor intensive process that involves selective handpicking of only the ripest cherries - often times passing the same tree several times over and harvesting only when ripe, careful sorting and cleaning, and controlled drying. The farmers in the region follow traditional methods and take great care to ensure that the cherries are handled gently and with utmost care to maintain their quality.

When we had Yemeni coffees on our cupping table, this peaberry immediately stood out far and above anything we cupped. The initial up front plum notes, gave way to a key lime pie - mandarin orange citrus complexity, and rounded out with a velvety, juicy and sweet aftertaste. We hope you enjoy this as much as we have! We only were able to secure 13kg of this coffee and it will be gone quickly. 

Roast Profile: Light Roast

Producer: Haraz Collective Microlot

Region: Haraz, Yemen

Variety: Jadi and Jufini peaberry

Elevation: 2000 masl

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Plum, Key Lime Pie, Mandarin Orange, Caramel, Complex